Saving new instrument after adjusting input pitches

I've been reading through the forums all morning and found a couple posts related to this topic but they are for VDL 1 and from several years ago so I thought it would be appropriate to start a new topic.

I have a 4 octave midi keyboard w/out an octave switch key so I need to reassign some of the input notes. I am creating ";new instruments"; based off the ones in the template and everything works great. BUT, when I exit sibelius, or close that current project and try and start a new one, that instrument I created can not be found and I have to reassign the input pitches that I changed again. However, when I open up the score that I was working on before (the one I had already made the changes too) the new instrument shows up in all the menus within that score...

Here is my exact process for my snare drum settings:

Open - VDL_Sib 5.1_Template_Version 1.0
House Style - Edit Instruments...
SnareLine Manual LITE - New instrument...
I then rename it ";Snareline Manual LITE (altered keymap)
Then I find the sounds I still want but didn't have room for (like crushes and rolls) and reassign them to input notes that I do have. I don't change anything about the notehead or staff position.

Like I said, that works fine, and I'm able to input those sounds with correct articulations and everything, but I can't find the new instrument when I want to start a new score.

Thanks for all your help! Just 3 days ago I had no idea how to use VDL but have learned so much in the last couple days thanks to this forum!

I just realized I forgot to mention one of the steps in my process:

After I adjust the input pitches and hit OK, I find the new instrument I created and add it to the Virtual Drumline 2.5 Instruments -->Drumline Battery Family.

Hope that stirs up an answer!

JUST FIGURED IT OUT. I was shying away from ever saving the ";template"; sibelius file b/c i didn't want to risk changing anything about it. But, I realized the only to keep those new mapping input pitches is to save it.


If anyone has a 4 octave keyboard without an octave switch, and would like a template with adjusted input pitches let me know!
(i basically just filled in the empty gaps with the sounds that are most common)
Ben - glad you're up and running. One thing I was going to suggest rather than altering instruments is to simply not use your MIDI keyboard for those notes. With the new Sibelius system, this is actually a little easier than it once was. All you have to do is put a note (any note) on the correct space, then change it to the notehead of the sound you want to hear (based on what you read in the Readme), and apply any necessary articulation. It's a few more clicky type steps, but there's times where it can be useful.
I believe that yet another VDL user has had some recent ";Ah ha!"; moments.

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