Sibelius/VDL2/M-Audio Axiom 49

Okay guys I have done a search on this with no luck so here we go. I have been running Sibelius 4 with VDL2 since they both came out and have great success with both of those programs. But recently I purchased Reason 4.0 and an Axiom 49 controller by M-Audio. I was running MIDI Yoke to connect sibelius with VDL2 but because of the Axiom 49 I had to delete the MIDI yoke in order to connect to my reason 4.0.

How can I get all my programs running with out one conflicting with the other. I have no need to run reason with sibelius or VDL2 but I would like to be able to use my programs with out any problems.

Thanks for the help and advice.

Peace, Love, and Drumline,

Chad Collver
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You should be able to have MIDI Yoke installed alongside Reason 4.  What options do you have for 'MIDI In' in your MIDI setup in Reason?  You should be able to choose from MIDI Yoke 1+ and Axiom 49.
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