Attaching an effects drum to a marching snare

Hello all,

    I hope this thread finds you all doing well.  Now onto buisness!  For the sake of my sanity I'll keep this short.  So here is what I am seeking help for:
1.  Attaching a drum for musical ";color"; to our snare drums (much like the glassmen in 02)
2.  Does anyone know what type of drums the Glassmen used in 02?
3.  Any suggestions on attaching the drums to the snare?

Thanks in advance!

Ricky Morrow
Weren't those dumbecks or am I thinking of another year? They were small, low pitched, hour-glass shaped, and very heavy.
I am not 100% sure of the year they marched them, but I was basing the year off of some videos on youtube (bad idea I guess).

I thought that they were dumbeks!  Does anybody have any suggestions for mounting them?

If you're adventurous and handy with power tools you could drill holes in both and mount using threaded rod and fasteners. That has the big drawback of permanently altering your equipment though. If that doesn't bother you it'd make for a clean looking reasonable mount (I've seen multi-tenors modd-ed in this fashion quite a bit)

For a less invasive mounting you could use hose clamps around the effect drum and tension rods but I'm not sure how well that'd work...

Just some ideas... probably not too helpful though haha
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