Issues with Kontakt Player

Anyone have suggestions....I have Finale 2006 and now VDL2.  I have installed and reinstalled the program trying to get finale to recognize the Kontakt player. I did the copy/paste into the correct folders as instructed and still, in the VST window, only Finale GPO Kontakt player.  My version of the player lists as  It is simply what I installed when I put in VDL2. 

Any suggestions are WELCOMED!
Even though this is not officially supported on Windows, I have seen this work before.  I can try to get a hold of you tonight and we can do a remote Desktop session and see what is going on with your machine and what you have - and where you have it.  This would not work at all on Macintosh (as I mentioned earlier).  I will be in touch with you.  Thanks for emailing.
Are you having problems with VDL2 or VDL 2.5? They use different versions of the Kontakt Player which would need to be approached differently. VDL 2.5 ships with Kontakt Player 2. Based on the version number of the Kontakt Player you listed, it sounds like you may be on Kontakt Player 2, which leads me to believe you're using VDL 2.5. That may help with the feedback to your problem. Before you get too far along, it may not be a bad idea to start saving your pennies for the upgrade to Finale 2008 which should offer a lot better compatibility with Kontakt Player 2.
Thanks for letting me look at your system.  It looks as though you have some larger system issues at work here and you should have a tech person take a look at those to see what might  be the cause of the KP2 (standalone) not opening.  I believe the issue the KontaktPlayer2.dll is not working for you with Finale 2006 is due to the fact that the standalone version crashes on opening if you try that method of opening the player.  As we saw, your DXDIAG was only showing half of your RAM that you have installed.

[i]I would also recommend an upgrade to 2008 [/i] (as we talked about before) as this would ensure compatiblity with the Kontakt Player 2 - which is not supported with Finale 2006 (although it should show up on Finale 2006 as an available Plugin - barring any updates that may have changed something).

Let us know  what you find out regarding your system and if the new machine your school is giving you works better.  Think about saving on the RAM and purchase the upgrade as was suggested.  This would be a worthwhile upgrade and let you get down to business.  :)
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