link to Sibelius 5.1

Good morning!

I can't seem to track down the Sibelius 5.1 update
on the Sibelius website. Does anyone have that link or can you send me the file?
I just installed Sibelius 5 and per the info here in the
forum want to update only to 5.1  Any help
would be appreciated.  Here's my email:




I'll send it to you.

If Gabe's help didn't work out, you will have to call Sibelius tech folks.  I talked with them yesterday and they informed me that the 5.1 link is no longer on their site.  They are mailing a 5.1 DVD to me.

I looked at their site and where it talks to 5.1 or 5.0, all that does is upgrade you from those two versions to 5.2.

Steve Filippelli
Mechanicsburg, Pa.
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