Multi-Perc Staff - Mapping

Finale 2008, VDL 2.5, Windows XP, 2 GB Ram, 1.66 GHz

I have Kontakt set up with Concert BD and Gong on the same channel because I want to map them on the same staff.  How can I get only BD to play when they share the same MIDI pitch?  For instance, If I map the MIDI pitch ";C3"; for the BD but not the gong, they both playback because they're sharing a channel.  Is there a better way to do this?

You'll be limited to hearing both instruments play back simultaneously if you're playing a sound that shares a common mapped pitch on both. However, there are probably a few better ways to do this. If Bass Drum and Tam Tam are two instruments you frequently want to combine on one staff, I'd suggest you check out the ";BD and Tam"; instrument which you'll find in the ";Combination Instruments"; folder. This is a single patch which contains sounds for BD and Tam Tam. It's doesn't offer all the various sound options of the full BD or full tam instruments, but for most, it's sufficient.

The other thing you could look at doing is either loading the separate instruments into an instrument bank, and switching them out via program changes. Or you could load them individually into separate channels, then have Finale switch between the two by adding playback options to switch channels when it encounters different text attributes.

Lots of options here, so I hope I didn't confuse you further. :)
No confusion.. thanks a lot.  I think I'll use the combination instrument.
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