Set-up Issues - Vista

Here are my specs...

Windows Vista 32-Bit
2GB Ram
Sibelius 5

After installing VD2 on vista the first problem I run into is that when it gives me the settings is begins with ASIO then it has the output has ASIO Soundblaster option.  I don't have a soundblaster card so I changed it to another setting Direct (I think).  Then the first time I open VD and get the kontact keyboard...I try to upload some sounds to test it out.  The sounds comes through but very fuzzy like. 

After I close VD and re-open again it shows a white box and the Vista error messages says: ";Virtual Drumline 2 has stopped working.  Check for online solution or Close the program...

I've re-installed this software a few times thinking it was my mistake...but I can't seem to figure it out.

Send me a Private Message with your name and VDL serial number and I'll see what I can do to help you out.
[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=2508.msg13393#msg13393 date=1212541288]
Send me a Private Message with your name and VDL serial number and I'll see what I can do to help you out.

Thanks Jim, I'll be awaiting your assistance.
Thanks Scott. Virtual Drumline 2 (which uses the more outdated Kontakt Player 1) may not be compatible with Vista. You may want to try using the Kontakt Player updater which you can download from the NI website. On this page, scroll down to the [b]VDL:2 Kontakt Player Software Update[/b] and there are links that will take you to the appropriate page on the NI website where you'll need to log in to download it. I can't say for sure if that will fix your problem. The next part of this message may be the likely cause of your problem.

Keep in mind also that Vista has had several problems reported in regard to audio drivers. Do you know what kind of soundcard you have? You'll need to know that information, and make sure that the drivers it's using are compatible with Vista. You may be able to download driver updates from the soundcard manufacturer so be sure to check their website. Also, it's worth knowing that ASIO drivers will perform much better than DS or MME drivers on Windows, so if you do need to update your soundcard it would be a good thing to consider a card that has ASIO drivers (that are compatible on Vista).
I re-installed it again, got it re-registered and so on.�� Now the Kontact VD2 player shows up and no longer crashes.�� However the sounds are still distorted or fuzzy.�� I installed the update and no changes.

As for the soundcard: the PC is using a SigmaTel High Defintion Audio CODEC with the drivers 6.10.5365.0 which is the appropriate driver for the 32-Bit Vista according to the website.�� Doesn't appear to be any updates available.

Just FYI...I've ordered VDL2.5 today.
The distorted or fuzzy sounds may have to do with your audio driver or the latency settings. In the audio setup for the VDL2 Kontakt Player, try increasing the latency if it gives you the option to do so. Perhaps somewhere in the 40-50ms ballpark.

Since the SigmaTel cards aren't really professional soundcards they have some limitations. You may want to try using the ASIO4ALL driver to trick it into thinking it's ASIO compatible. I'm not sure how reliable this driver will be with Vista, and it may not allow you to run multiple audio programs simultaneously, but you may find it worth the exercise to see if it helps. You can learn more about that and download it (free) at:
Another sign that XP may be the better choice over Vista for a while. Straight from Microsoft, they're extending the life of XP for another year or so...
Good link!  Unfortunately a lot of PC companies force people to use Vista when buying a new computer. 

There's a lot of talk on the tech websites is about people waiting for Windows 7 due out in 2010, and to skip Vista altogether.  Windows 7 is supposed to go the other direction and use [i]less[/i] system resources. 
Indeed. I think it'd be interesting to see if the PC companies that are pushing Vista would see a decrease in demand if their customers knew they had the right to choose.

Without having the full scoop on all of this, but my initial inclination would be to avoid doing business with a PC manufacturer that doesn't offer the choice of XP over Vista.
Unfortunately it's fairly tough to find a vendor that still offers XP on their newer machines. Even Dell only offers XP on a select few of their computers. The best bet is probably to find an OEM vendor and buy XP separately, or a smaller custom shop. Also unfortunate is the latest news on Windows 7, is that will just be more of the same. The rumors of it being more streamlined came from the internet rumor mill run amok. We recently found out that Windows 7 won't contain the hyped 'MinWin' kernel as it was only a demo, but will continue to offer the modified NT kernel from Vista. The WinFS file system seems dead on the floor, and Microsoft is really hyping it's added touch technology for 7. There is talk of more modularity being introduced into the OS, but given Microsoft's track record implementing that, I'm not holding my breath for anything more than even more confusing boxed versions.

The plus side being that standard hardware configurations in 2010 in will be more robust and the average PC should be much better equipped to handle 'Vista 2.0'. I'm still dreaming of a bare bones Windows OS *sigh*... Linux is looking better all the time.
I had this issue with a laptop and VDL 1 and 1.5. What I had to do is switch the setup between Multimedia and Directsound each time I started VD and before loading a sample. (so for example, If  the last time I used VD was with Directsound, the next time I used it I had to switch it to Multimedia and it would work.) I think Jim an the gang thought I was crazy but it was the only way it worked for me with that laptop. With  2 and 2.5 and XP it has been fine.

The issue I have with Vista has more to do with Sibelius then VDL 2.5. What happens to me is that if I playback a score, it takes a few seconds to start the playback and then it skips the first 2-3 measures. I contacted Sibelius and they suggested a few things which so far haven't worked. I have a Creative X-fi Sound Card with the latest drivers and even tested without ASIO.

Anyone else have this happen?

It may be more related to Vista SP1, because I don't remember having this issue before.
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