Writing a book - combining notation with text and diagrams

Hi. I'm in the early planning stages of writing a technique packet. I want to figure out the best way to incorporate Sibelius notation into text and other diagrams, etc. Kind of like Up Front. I know about Sibelius's ";export as image"; functionality, and I could put those into Word, but that seems like a loss of quality to me since they are just images.

Does anyone have any experience with creating this sort of thing and care to chime in? thanks!
A simple but effective way to do this would be screenshots... (cntrl-print screen) for windows will copy a screen shot right onto the clipboard and from there you can paste it into photoshop or MSPaint and crop/edit it accordingly.  For macs (cmd-shift-3) will take a screenshot and save it as an image file (.png) on the desktop.

Once crop (which you can do in word too) this method has no noticeable degradation in quality that I've seen unless you start to re-size and stretch the images. I use it to make reports for for all the time when I need a quick diagram for something.
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... I'm not sure how Word handles EPS files, but my guess is that it'd work fine. ...

I used Word to make the Template Readme and otherwise exported all of the Sibelius stuff as EPS files. The ";pictures"; were taken with SnagIt (screen capture software).

If you have read the Readme that comes with the Sib 5.1 Template you know what it can do. As for other programs, I am quite sure they are better and have more options to piecing together content, but I used what I had at the time.
Read up on EPS files. This is what Sibelius will export for you. These are encapsulated postscript files which aren't necessarily ";image"; files in the same sense as a JPEG (which sounds like how you're thinking about it). These are vector files that will not lose their quality when imported into a layout program that will accept them. I'm not sure how Word handles EPS files, but my guess is that it'd work fine. For more professional results a layout program like InDesign or Quark Xpress would be ideal. But I'm sure you could work them into Word and have it look good.
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