Cymbal Rack Combo?


I'm procrastinating at the moment from finishing up a score to share this thought. When I write for the ";rack guy"; or ";guys,"; I find that I end up putting a lot of ";suspended"; cymbal parts in one staff. The Metal Combo almost serves this purpose completely (it's pretty sweet actually).

But my thought was to create a Cymbal Rack Combo that had every cymbal in the VDL library in one combo. The rationale is that along with sus., chinas and splashes, you could have all of the other cymbals sounds and cymbal-type sounds. And, it would be cool to have all of the various types/sizes of chinas and splashes at your disposal and mapped so that the notation looked different depending on the size/type of the cymbal you were playing.

Naturally, you'd include all of the crash and suspended sizes, too. And potentially, you could bring in a couple of the solo cymbal line sounds for some expanded crash variety.

Like I said, the Metal Combo is pretty close to what I am looking for, but a full-on Cymbal Rack might be pretty sweet, too. You know, when you guys have that abundance of free-time I'm sure you get every couple of days...

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