Playback Help! (don't see this exact problem anywhere after searching) first try at this (I'm  not captain technical so please bear with me).

My wife bought me VDL 2.5 as a birthday gift.  Cool eh?

Here's what I have:

1. Dell Latitude D610
2. Intel (R) Pentium (R) M Processor - 1.86GHz
3. RAM: 512 MB
4. XP Professional 5.1.2600
5. Finale 2005
6. VDL 2.5 running stand alone
7. Kontact Player 2 (came w/VDL 2.5)
9. Yamaha Midi-Keyboard PSR-GX76

I have several soundcards listed on my machine (this could be part of the problem):
1. USB Audio Device/driver: usbaudio.sys
2. SigmaTel C-Major Audio/driver: stac97.sys
3. Edirol PCR-1 MME (used to use an Edirol controller for midi-input, guess thats how this got on here) no driver listed

Here's the brief story:

1. Installed VDL 2.5/Kontact player.
2. Downloaded the template for Finale 2005 from tapspace
3. Input some measures using keyboard, maps, problem
4. Downloaded virtual midi-cable since using without a plug-in: Maple Virtual Midi...followed all the directions in the user guide for set-up etc.
5. Set up my multi (went simple for first time..used SnareLine Lite only)-lined up the channels, and hit play in Finale.
6. Got some sound, so Finale is communicating with Kontact Player fine.
7. Sound was very faint, and had an echo, could barely hear...also..with headphones on was only coming through one side...don't have this problem with MP3's, itunes, etc.
8. Called NI tech support for help....was advised to download ASIO4all driver...did so.
9. Under Audiosetup-soundcard tab...reads like this:

                         Interface: ASIO
                         Sample Rate: 44100
                         Output device: ASIO4all v2
                         Output latency: 0 ms (problem here?)

10. Hit play again, Kontact player is playing, but now I hear absolutely no sound (still have other system sounds though).
11.  Called back to NI techsupport for more advice. Gave the guy my story, he said ";dude...(in between chewing-type sounds) I dunno anything about ASIO...I use mac..we can't help you with them (you can't call them)...and basically hung up the phone.

So...everything seems to be working...except I just can't hear anything from Kontact player at all now.

Hopefully..I just don't have something turned on or communicating somewhere.

Can anyone help...or is my system just too old to support this?


I vote your system is limited.  However, check out this post:

Your output latency is wacked.  Mine is set at 36ms.  Jim recommends around 40ms in that post I mentioned previously.

I am sure there are others on here that can give you better and more detailed/specific info.

Hang in there.
Definitely the latency.  Many people have had that problem.  With a laptop you might need to set it higher than 40.  Do you use your Edirol as your primary soundcard, or the headphone jack on your laptop?  It looks like it would make an excellent external soundcard that would have better performance than the onboard laptop audio.

Also, if you upgrade to Finale '08 (or better yet... Sibelius!) you don't have to deal with the virtual midi cable stuff anymore.
Also, I've heard reports that when you're using the ASIO4All driver, you'll only be permitted to play audio through ONE audio program. So if, for instance, you have iTunes open, the you launch KP2, there's a chance KP2's audio output via ASIO4All won't be heard. I'd suggest a restart, then launching KP2, load and instrument, and check to see if you're hearing output there first before launching anything else.

With A4A, I think latency may be adjusted directly in the A4A configuration window rather than moving the slider in the KP2 audio setup window. There should be an ";asio config"; button that should take you directly there. Once there, raise the latency by increasing the buffer setting. Maybe try a setting of 1024 for starters. Once you've done that, when you return to the KP2 audio setup window, you should see an updated latency number displayed in milliseconds.

Let us know how you get on.
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