New VDL Demos

We've had several great new demos hit us lately and they're now available to hear on the various VDL Demo pages. Thanks to all the talented folks who have shared with us how they're putting VDL to such great use!!

The direct links to the official VDL Demo page is [b][url=]HERE[/url].[/b]

VDL User Submitted Demo page is [b][url=]HERE[/url].[/b]

Here are some of the highlights:

[b]Frameworks[/b] by David Knight and Marty McCartt
This is a particularly interesting demo as the percussion was all sequenced in Logic, then live wind players were recorded while listening to the VDL playback which resulted in the following recordings. David submitted two movements of this work. Great stuff!

[b]Limbo Marianne and Jamaican Farewell[/b] arranged by Jeff Moore
Jeff has a huge catalog of steel band arrangements, and he set forth to get them all tuned in with the new pan orchestra sounds from VDL 2.5. The following two recordings are all straight from Sibelius using Wiretap with a touch of reverb added. You can hear how switching between regular hits to roll samples provides extra realism.

[b]Contemplation[/b] by Brian Flack
Other than the harp, bass, and wind sounds, all sounds in this recording came from VDL. This is an original piece that was a part of the Tate Creek Indoor Percussion Ensemble's 4th place finish in Independent Open at WGI this Winter.

[b]Energies of the Life Stream[/b] by Nieves Villasenor
Nieves put a lot of thought into the production of this piece. After arranging it, he added voiceovers, effects, and even went so far as to add audience reaction sounds using GarageBand. You can practically smell the bleachers.
Listen to this in the [b][url=]User Demos Player[/url].[/b]

[b]Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring[/b] arranged by Match Bradford III
This is a good example of combining wind sounds from the built in ";Sibelius Essentials"; library (for winds) that comes with Sibelius 5, used along side some concert percussion sounds from Virtual Drumline for a no-frills way of exporting audio directly out of Sibelius.
Listen to this in the [b][url=]User Demos Player[/url].[/b]

I've also posted an updated recording of my own [b]Cop Drama[/b] for percussion ensemble and rhythm section. We're getting ready to release this as a publication available through Tapspace so I spent a little time making the recording sound a little better. This is also available to hear in the [b][url=]User Demos Player[/url].[/b]

I hope you'll take some time to enjoy some of the work that others have been putting their hearts into. It's always so amazing to hear such a wide variety of applications that VDL is finding its way into. Thanks to all those who've contributed, and we'll look forward to hearing more user demos. If you'd like to submit demos of your own to share with the world, we'd love to hear from you! For more information [url=]click here.[/url]
Great job everyone with all of the work you have put into these Demos.  Your work  definitely says a lot to your writing and gets the good word about VDL out there!!  Keep up the great work!!
And to go completely random on everybody.

I noticed Tapspace has a myspace page (though I have since switched to Facebook). Since there are a lot of people posting music there, would it be cool to have these tunes up on the myspace page for people to check out?

I speak in complete ignorance since I don't even have a myspace page anymore, is that even possible?
Nice music.  I personally went for Frameworks; in particular the ";Contemplation"; movement.

Congratulations to all!!
said it before, i'll say it again. ";Cop Drama"; is an instant classic. Makes me feel like i should have been in ";Starsky and Hutch.";

on another note, is it all possible to get an MP3 of any one of the selections so life is full of VDL?
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