Garage Band Sounds

This may have already been discussed and I missed it.  If it has, I apologize.

But, listening to a few of the demos got me to thinking about some of the Garage Band sounds.  Does anyone know if it's possible to open those sounds in another program like Pro Tools or Kontakt?  I can't seem to locate the sounds in the Garage Band folder so I'm not really sure.
You can load them in Logic, but I think that's it.
I think the GarageBand sounds are only in AU format.  I know you can use them in Logic, but for something like Pro Tools to see it, they would need to be in RTAS format.

They might work in Digital Performer however, since DP will see AU plugins if I remember correctly.
I did some experimenting and the Garage Band sounds will indeed open in K2. can load the sounds in to their own channel in K2 and then create a staff for them in Sibelius.

How did you get the garage band sounds to open Kontakt Player 2?  I messed with this for a few minutes tonight and I think I'm missing a small step.  Thanks

I think he means the full version of Kontakt which lets you browse your hard drive for files.  I found it in HD>Library>Application Support>Garage Band>Instrument Library>Sampler>Sampler Instruments>

Then you pick an instrument

Then you get an error and have to point it to the Sampler Files folder for the same instrument.

It's a pain, but then you can save the instrument so you don't have to do it again.


I get a ";file type not recognized"; when trying to drag and drop the same instrument file into Kontakt Player 2
Thanks Jesse.  I'll try that out later on tonight and mess with it.  I'm assuming that for the sound to show up in Sibelius, all I would have to do is create an instance of the Kontakt2 player and double check the player assignment?  Thanks again.

It needs to be the full version of Kontakt, not Kontakt Player that comes with VDL, but yes it can be used in Sibelius.
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