problem with syncing music to mp3

So, I love the video feature in sibelius and it's syncing power is incredible. But for some reason I'm running into this problem on only one of my scores.

I've checked the Sibelius forums since this problem is really directed to that program and found nothing. Since I'm sure we all use this feature for writing battery and pit books to mp3 files of the wind book I'm hoping someone has gone through this problem.

Everything is in sync and plays back fine if I start from the beginning, but if I start the score anywhere else it is always a beat ahead of the mp3. Kind of frustrating when you have to go back to the beginning of a 150 measure score every time!!!!!

I think you'll find it to be a very laborious project to sync two MP3's (and if it's not impossible, you might just die trying to do it).

When I have to do this sort of thing, I try to get the wind arranger to send me a WAV file or just send me the Sibelius file and I make my own WAV file. Syncing two WAV files in Audacity is a cinch (especially if they were both created out of Sibelius 5).

I can't explain why MP3's don't line up, but this thread can:

Good stuff. I'm not sure I fully understand everything there, but it has really been a big help.
converting the audio file of the brass to WAV fixed everything. THANKS!

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