A new guy needs help........Go figure.

Ok. I have Sibelius 5.2 And VDL2.5 BRAND NEW!!!!! Imagine my excitement. Anyhoo, I get this thing for the most part. But I cannot figure out how to get the blasted Unison Bass drum to work without inputing ALL of the notes. I need help!!!!! I have updated, I have gotten the VDL Template, I have installed it per the instructions, and I put a note on the B line and I get nuthin'! HELP!!!! 
Did you assign the correct notehead to playback a unison? Without that, it won't play correctly. After you've input that note on the B line, be sure to change the notehead to the appropriate number (for RH or LH unison). You can find these notehead numbers in the README file that comes with the VDL/Sibelius template.

An even faster process for this would be to input the note with your MIDI keyboard, which will automatically assign the correct notehead based on the pitch you enter.
Could also be you're running Sib 5.2 ... You are going to have to downgrade to 5.1 and that may work better for you.  Unless I missed the update that 5.2 works.... :-/  Here's a link to that topic pertaining to not upgrading to 5.2 - https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=2415.0
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