TCAI WGI Performance Floor for Sale!!

[color=Red][b]2008 WGI Independent A Class World Finalists, Twin Cities Area Independent Percussion Ensemble is selling their 2008 performance floor!![/b][/color]


Standard WGI regulation performance floor by Kramer Graphics.

Digitally printed at 300DPI.

See this floor on Kramer Graphics website @

Price negotiable.  Due to the VERY high quality of this performance floor we are asking for 2500$, shipping to be paid by TCAI.

Detailed pictures of the floor available upon request.

Please direct all inquiries to

Tyson Smith
Director | TCAI

I dont know where else you've posted this add but here's a place worth looking to sell it...

Good luck! Great floor, I remember seeing it in Dayton
Thanks for the site! I totally forgot about that site!
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