Bank Editing

Hello to everybody

I'm new to VDL with 2.5.1 and am excited to be using it in the scores I'm writing this year.  It's been a learning experience, much I have figured out.  Today, I discovered the virtues of banks.  Before, I was adding by channels and putting channel switches in to the score.  One question...probably very do you edit each instrument within the bank?  Normally I would click the gears and get to the instrument options.

Again, thank you for VDL and thank you to all of you who give your valuable to those of us on the bottom end of the learning curve.  I've always been amazed that I know 3 programming languages but when it comes to audio, I always feel like I just learned how to turn on a computer yesterday.

Thanks Jim

It makes me feel better that I wasn't missing something obvious.

This is one area where Kontakt and Kontakt Player have some differences. Unfortunately, using banks within KP2, you won't have direct access to edit the various features of each instrument. If you need to make customizations, you'd first need to open the instrument (not in a bank, but by itself), make the modifications, then save it (ideally with a unique name so as to not write over the original one). Then when you're populating the bank, load the instrument you just modified, and those changes will take effect. It's not very elegant, but is a way to give you some control. If that drives you nuts, the other option would be to use the full version of Kontakt which will allow you to open the instrument directly from within the bank.
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