Problem with House Styles in Sibelius 5.1

Ok, I've read the readme file on this topic and it seems pretty straightforward, so here's my problem:
After I go to import the VDL template as a ";house style"; on an existing Sib 5.1 wind doubles it!  So, I have the original file sitting there, and some other copy of it sitting on top of it, making all sorts of mess.
Anyone else have this happen?
Also, at what point do I add my battery instruments?  After the house style has been imported?  That is when the VDL instruments show up to be selected from Create->Instruments, right?

Please help!

Dell XPS
4 GB Ram
Windows Vista
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Hey Carl - I'm not sure I'm totally following your problem accurately if you're getting two scores, two sets of staves, instruments, etc. But here's what I'd suggest instead anyway. Rather than pull your hair out with the house style import, I'd actually add the wind staves into your VDL template. Then, add all pertinent time signature changes and rehearsal marks based on the wind score. Once you're certain all the measures line up, you can simply copy/paste all the wind parts from the wind score into your new percussion score and call it done. It seems like a little more leg-work up front, but frankly, I always feel a little safer doing it this way so as to not potentially mess up any of the percussion mapping which can be time-consuming to troubleshoot.

If you're going to attempt this, I'd suggest you first set your playback configuration NOT to use anything KP2 related (i.e. your ";default"; configuration might just use GM sounds). This will allow for much more efficient switching between scores without waiting for instruments to load. Particularly useful if you find yourself having to go back and forth between two open scores a lot. Once you're done with that work, you can choose a more KP2 oriented configuration for when you start actually writing.
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