Fin '08 Percussion Map Bug?

Jim and all:

In Finale '08 I saved the VDL maps to a library file and opened them in an '08 file that was converted from an '07 file.  Using the map for Tenor AutoRL MWKS the default 2 drum sound was sharing the ";E"; line with the 1 drum.  I easily changed that by editing the map.  I searched the board to see if this possible bug was reported or not.  As new as I am to VDL, there's a good chance it's me rather than a bug but thought I would report it anyway.

I would say to make sure that when you go into the Percussion Map Designer or the Percussion Map Selection, make sure that you do not go into any other programs, thereby making Finale not the active front-most program.  What this has been shown to do is reset the mappings in the maps to  random positions (almost default).  I know this has been reported.

An example of this would be:

1.  You are in the Percussion Map Designer getting ready to choose ALL NAMED NOTES.
2.  You forget you need to check an email and open your email without closing and exiting completely out of the Percussion Map Designer.
3.  When you go back, the notes may be reset to a default position

If this is not what you are seeing, make sure that you are choosing ALL NAMED NOTES from the Designer window so that it will make all the named notes active.

Sounds like you also might try opening the VDL 2.5 template for 2008, resave the Percussion Map Library and then re-import to see if that works as well.

Let us know.  By the looks of your other post, I am not sure if everything is going well or you still are having troubles.
Tim & Scott,

I've checked the map in question and there was a problem with that particular map. both the Hits and Dreads/Rods notes for Drum #2 were placed incorrectly. Making the adjustments is easy. Tim, if you need any more help let me know as I'm just down the road in Cincinnati.

Ted Boliske
Thanks Ted.  I had not noticed that as of yet.  Thanks for taking a look into that.
Thanks Ted

As you said, it was a 10 second fix to correct it.  I wanted to post in case a bug list of any sort was kept for fixes in upcoming updates.

Coach, thanks for the advice.  I did do a little bit of reseach like reloading the maps before posting.  The other information was very interesting.  I hadn't heard that.

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