Technique/Expression Text "Rim"

I've searched and not found anything addressing this, so I hope I haven't overlooked an obvious answer.

As I've been writing this summer I've stumbled on to a strange quirk in the snare voice when adding technique or expression text including the word ";rim";.  For example, an instruction that reads ";RH Rim"; or any instruction that contains ";rim"; causes the playback to become all shots.  I'm adding an image file to explain myself better and a link to an mp3 of what's going on.  A friend has also encountered this problem.  Same circumstances.  He's running Windows (XP I think) and I'm running Leopard.  The problem goes away when you delete the text.  And what's even stranger, as far as I can tell, putting an ";s"; on rim fixes it.  So, rim=rimshots, rims (with an s) is fine.

I'm still using Sibelius 5.1 and VDL2.5 with the latest template.  No issues other than this.



I should have been clearer...the text was entered just as an instruction [i]to the player[/i], not to access the rim sounds.  Sorry about that...

And I'm also sorry for not seeing staff text item in the Dictionary.  I looked, but obviously not enough. 

So, any suggestions for the best way to instruct the player about notes to be played on the rim?

By the way, thanks HUGH! :)
Ah ... OK!

The first thing I can think of is to put it into parenthesis. (rim) - or (on rim) - or just ";on rim";. Something that is not in the Dictionary.
Got it.  Thanks again!

The rim sounds in the SnareLine instruments are mapped to their own pitches in the VDL 2.5 library. (As opposed to the TenorLines/BassLines.) There is no need to use staff text to get the rim sounds.

Whether you are using a MIDI keyboard for input or not, it should look like this in the score to get those sounds.

�� ��[img][/img]

Now regarding the ";strange quirk"; you referred to. ";rim"; is one of the default staff text items in the Dictionary, of which none were changed for the Template. When you have ";rim"; in the score as technique text, Sibelius is trying to do a sound ID change, which in this case the net result is a sound you don't want.

I could go on and on about this; for another day maybe. But let me know if you need more than what I just gave you.
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