Example of collaborating with sibelius 5.2 and vdl 2.5

Eric Rath and I have been writing arrangements and original marching band music.  Eric does the percussion using VDL 2.5 and I use Sibelius 2.5.  I think the sound we are able to make on a mp3 without using a ";live"; band is really good.  Here is a sample from our new show entitled ";The Works of Camille Saint Saens";.  This example is ";Organ Symphony";.

Remember that I email the sibelius score to him, he writes the percussion with vdl 2.5 and then makes the mp3 file and sends it back to me.  I believe he using audacity for that.  By the way, I also use the VLD 2.5 percussion sounds for my concert band stuff.  Thanks Jim and crew for developing this great program.


i like it, i give kudos points!!!

the end is sweet, i like i like.
Thanks for sharing this Dennis! Great stuff! It sounds like you and Eric have created a great partnering of the minds in your process. Kudos to both of you!

I'm very thankful that we have great tools to use in writing music, such as virtual drumline, sibelius, etc.  I remember when I first started writing about 23 years ago for our local high school band.  I wrote everything by hand and of course, we were always making changes.

So, I just wanted to say that programs such as yours are a blessing.  It is great to actually my works before they are published.  BTW, I really enjoyed your presentation at TMEA. 

I agree...great stuff guys!!
Nice job guys!  This is a good example of creative collaboration.
Hi again,

I hope you don't mind, but I want to share one last one.  Eric just sent this to me today.  This is an original tune that we have as part of our ";Amusement Park Adventures"; show.  It is called G Force.  The beginning, Eric makes the pit sound like the beginning of a rollercoaster ride.  I thought this was very creative of him.


Wow. Very creative with the pit in the beginning. That was awesome. Felt like I was on ";Blue-Streak"; at Cedar Point. Well Done!
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