Using different maps on one staff.

I've been checking the forums alot today in regards to instrument banks.  I seem to have that up and running so I'm pretty proud I've made it this far...:)  Unfortunately I couldnt find anything on switching maps in a staff.  i.e.  I have a marimba switching to a concert snare.  The concert snare plays back when the patch change happens but it still looks like A flats on the staff...How can I get those bars to use the concert snare map from VDL2?  I checked the staff style tool and felt that I was close but the best I could do was Rhythm Notation and everything became slashes on the middle line.  I would prefer to use the map that VDL2 has. 

Also, playback doesnt seem to be an issue right now.  My issue is inputting the notes.  When I was inputting the concert snare notes they sounded like a marimba (because they're in the same bank) but when I played it back, it sounded like a snare. It's a little confusing when I dont have my maps memorized...:)

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

I'm guessing you're using Finale, but I'm not sure. If so, you'll first need to define the staff style of the instrument you're switching to. Once that's been defined, you'll see it as an option when you select ";apply staff style."; I'm a little rusty on the exact details, but if you research defining staff styles in the Finale documentation, that should get you on the right track.

If you want to hear the concert snare during input (rather than the default marimba), you should be able to bypass the marimba default by locating this particular staff in your INSTRUMENT LIST window (in Finale), then changing the ";program number"; value to ";2"; (for example) rather than ";1"; (or whatever program numbers the patches loaded into your bank correspond to). Once you want to hear the marimba again during input, change it back to 1. Either that, or if your input keyboard has the capability of sending program changes, you can send a program change to Kontakt prior to entering your concert snare part directly from the keyboard.
Sorry, I thought my signature had Finale on it.  I'll update that.  I'll keep looking into the staff styles to see about switching them.

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