How to De-Authorize VDL 2.5?

I purchased VDL 2.5 this winter through the school where I teach.  I am switching schools, so I need to ";return"; the software to the school.  How do I go about ";de-authorizing.";  I only had it authorized on my home desktop.

Hi Tom,

This process has evolved with NI a little. The first step you'd need to take is to uninstall the software from your computer. If the old school you worked for needs to retain the license but the software is licensed in your name, it's a little more complicated. This would require a ";license transfer."; We don't normally encourage this because it's a little messier, and requires that the original licensee, us, NI, and the individual to whom the license is being transferred to be all in alignment.

If you send me a PM with your name, email, and VDL serial number, I'll do my best to suggest the easiest course of action.
Since 2.5 you no longer need to de-authorize it to install on another computer.  Otherwise, the NI Service Center program handles the licensing.
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