Cymbal Line Sounds Question

For some reason, the HH Choke sound is not playing back when I input it. It [i]is[/i] sounding when I enter it, just not when I playback.

Also, I'd prefer that the sizzle sound fade to nothing, but it has a ";suck"; at the end. I'm not using the sizz/suck combo, so that's not it. And using [i]l.v.[/i] doesn't help either.

No doubt that this is a quick fix or something dumb on my part, so bare with me.

(Sib 5.1; VDL 2.5)
So, putting a staccato marking over the note fixed the HH problem. Any ideas on the sizzle?
Hey Eric,

The thing you're looking for is on the third keypad layout, I believe and it is the empoty box right above the housetop accent.  The corresponding ornament should be a tilda looking thing. Playing the sizzle without any markings will always default to that sizzle/suck sound.

Hope this helps.

Cool! Almost, actually. It's the decimal point on that same keypad lay-out.

Thanks, Bryan.
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