Green Beats 2008 - "67" Metric Change - still wrong?

I taught this exercise to my front ensemble last week.  When we learned it, we did not listen to the recording on your website.  We learned the tempo transitions as printed on the page.  I was going to tell them all to practice with your recording, but now I am confused.  The transition from m. 16 to m.17 says quarter=dotted quarter, but the recording plays it as eighth=eighth.  I know there was a post two years ago about this, but when I read it, it was still unclear as to what is correct.  Let me try to make my question as simple as I can so the answer can be clear.  As of today (6-24-08),  is the recording on your website correct, OR is the printed version in Green beats 2008 correct?  (I have a feeling I am going to be re-teaching this transition to my front ensemble, but let me know so we don't look like dumb if we play it in public)

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