yamaha dtx 2.0 as controller?

Hey good folks ...

I have searched the forums to no avail and I am looking for some help. I have a Yamaha DTX 2.0 connected to a uno usb into my vista computer and would like to ";live trigger"; sounds from VDL 2.5. I can't seem to get the two to talk! Is there a turoial or some very detailed (I am in fact a nub!) info i can find on the web for this? Any help is appreciated !
I have had no problem with the m-audio keyboard just can't wrap my head around the drumset!


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Just be sure you've plugged the ";To MIDI Out"; cable into your DTX's MIDI-OUT port, then in Kontakt Player, set the MIDI-INPUT so that your Uno is ";on.";

Since VDL/KP2 are mapped chromatically, I don't know how your pads will translate or what pitches they'll send. You may have to map them to specific midi pitches, but I won't be of much help there. You'll need to consult your Yamaha documentation for that.
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