tenor spock hits sound like drum 2 hits in one of my files

I use Sibelius 5.2 and the unofficial soundset paired with VDL Template v1.0.5. Somewhere along the way in a cadence I am writing, my tenor spock 1 hits began sounding as drum 2 hits. Also of note is that spock 2 hits sound like drum 1 hits, although I don't write for spock 2 (or whichever number the higher-pitched spock is). When I began the notation all was well.

If I copy a measure that plays wrong in my file into the v1.0.5 template with a tenorline added, the measure plays back normally in the template. If I copy the entire composition (CTRL+a) from my file into the template with snareline, tenorline, and bassline added, it plays back incorrectly as described above. If I export a house style from the template with snareline, tenorline, and bassline added, and import it into my file, my file plays back incorrectly as described above.

What did I break, how did I break it, and how do I fix it? :)
My guess is that in the file you are having problems with the playback, Sibelius thought it necessary to add some additional entries into the TenorLine mapping. If you inadvertently hit a key on your MIDI keyboard that does not have anything assigned to it in the VDL library (in this case while having the TenorLine staff selected), Sibelius may decide to add ";something"; to the mapping to compensate. Sibelius is somewhat designed to do this, but for us VDL-ers I think it makes things worse.

In order to find out if this did in fact occur, you will need to compare the TenorLine mappings from the file in question to the Template. You may also be able to use the mapping diagrams in the Readme to do this. In Sibelius, go to [b]House Style > Edit Instruments[/b], find the instrument that has the issue (select it), click on the [b]Edit Instrument...[/b] button, click on the [b]Edit Staff Type...[/b] button. Once there you should see:

   (attached picture)

From there just scroll through the notes, comparing them to the mapping diagram in the Readme (probably the easiest way). If something looks out of place, it will more than likely have ";F#/Gb 1"; assigned to [b]Input using pitch[/b] - it will also be in a questionable position on the staff - oh, and usually notehead number 1. Before you delete it (having it selected), be sure that it doesn't belong. (The TenorLine Manual and TenorLine Manual LITE both have the cowbell assigned to F#1.)

Next, [b]OK[/b] your way out of the dialog boxes to get back to your score, save the file. Play it back and see what happens.

If this doesn't fix it, then let me know so you can get the sib file to me to look at.


I scrolled through every entry on the Tenorline Manual instrument, and all looks normal. The only F#/Gb octave 1 entry is the cowbell on the top line of the staff.

I do not have a MIDI keyboard, and created this file with mouse input and ALT+ numeric keys to change the noteheads where necessary.

Please let me know where I can email the file.
I sent you a PM
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