Incorporating Samples

I've been thinking more and more about using some sampling in our indoor program for next year, but I have absolutely no idea about how to set samples up or get them into a show.  Without the most expensive options, what's the most cost effective and user friendly way to do this?  We've got a PA system, so I'm looking for recommendations on whatever equipment we would need and basically how the process works. 

Thanks in advance!
You can buy a small standalone sampler that you load with .wav or .aif files that directly connects to your PA, or you can get a MIDI/USB trigger pad that connects to a laptop and will trigger whatever sounds are assigned to it.

This is pretty cool, and you can drum on it.  You could have it trigger Garage Band, Logic, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse.

Something I just thought of, would it be possible to load samples into our MalletKat?  We've got the MalletKat express with sounds.
Hey Keith,

If you want something that will be an all-inclusive unit, something like the following product would help.  All you have to do is load up the sounds on a compact flash card then program them to the specific buttons.
Awesome.  Thanks Bryan!
Which programs do you all use for playing samples on a laptop?
The first year we incorporated samples into our show, we loaded the .wav files into Kontakt 2 on a Macbook, and triggered them with a small USB MIDI keyboard. Last year, we replaced that setup with a standalone unit and were very pleased with the results. There's way fewer variables to worry about with a standalone sampler. I recommend the Roland SP-404 if you just need something for a ";button pusher";. If you want something to drum on, check out that Alesis control pad.
The Roland SP 404 is a great little sampler.  Compact enough to mount on a keyboard rack or synth cart, and pretty easy to use.

It also makes a fun little met for the pit if you throw in some drum grooves to warmup to.
For that stand alone type sampler what is required to ";upload"; a sample to the device? Is it as simple as making a wav file and downloading from your computer?

Gearing up for the winter season I'd love to add samples to our show design.
The SP-404 has a CompactFlash card in which you can store samples on, then assign to banks.

I wanted to put this clip from a show I wrote this Summer. It uses samples also.


They're mp3's played on an iPod through the PA.


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