Thought I had the bank thing figured out......

I've come across a problem.  I just started working with banks and I as I got into them more, I opened up a new issue.  Hooray...:)

It seems that when I enter a patch change on one staff,  it effects changes on all staves.  If I have something in slot 2 of a bank, it makes Every staff play an instrument from slot 2.  If there is no instrument in slot 2, that staff plays nothing)  When I delete that patch change, the staves start playing from slot 1. 

I know it's something small, but I just cant figure it out. 


The channel change works like a charm.  No problems there.  Thanks!
If you've configured multiple staves to playback on the same MIDI channel that's assigned to that bank, then yes - this would be expected behavior. Think of it like a TV Channel. Only one instrument can be playing live on any given MIDI channel at one time. You won't be able to access all the instruments in a bank simultaneously on the same channel. That's just not possible.

I'm not sure how you've assigned your various staff channels, but I would recommend setting things up so that each staff is assigned to its own unique MIDI channel so you'll have independence on each staff. This may mean you're loading more instruments, which translates to using more RAM. Since you only have 1GB RAM, it's possible that could lead to issues. If that's the case, banks may not be your best solution for switching instruments mid-stream in a score.

Another method of switching instruments would be to have a text command send a ";channel change."; So if you wanted your marimba (on channel 6) to switch to concert bass (which happens to be loaded on channel 12), you can apply a channel change function to the text attribute ";concert bass drum"; when you enter it in your score.
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