Cymbal decay in Sibelius 5.1 w/ 1.05 template


I am experiencing a shortened decay of the cymbal sounds in my Sibelius playback. The sound will only playback for the value of the note I have written but I want them to continue with the natural decay. I'm currently hearing it on the both rack combo instruments.

Any thoughts on how to allow the natural decay that I might be missing?
now i'm not 100% sure, but you could be having a latency problem, or a RAM issue. I have had similar problems, but i do not remember the specifics. Sorry, hope i helped
I don't think it is either of those issues. I'm running 3 gigs of RAM on a fairly large score and I'm not seeing this issue on the other instruments. The cymbal sounds are exactly as long as I notate the note to be played. If it is an 8th note it is very short. If it is a whole note, it will decay right up to beat 1 of the next bar and then abruptly stop.
As a test, try entering the following text prior to one of these cymbal parts:


Essentially what this will do is manually move the Release knob all the way up. If the sound is better once you've entered this, somehow the release knob may have been setting itself too low. I'm not sure why that may have happened, but let us know if that helps.

It's also possible that if it's happening during highly polyphonic parts (lots of other voices playing at the same time) there's some voice-stealing going on. What this means is is that KP2 may be clearing out the sustain to make room for other voices. There may be some settings that could help. To test this, you may try playing just the cymbal part alone and see if the same thing happens.
Thanks Jim,

I think that fixed it. It looks like the cymbal parts from the rack might have been doing what you said. I was using the full instruments for everything since I've got the RAM to handle it.
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