Problems exporting audio from Sibelius in Vista?

Has anyone had any issues exporting their sound files from Vista in Sibelius 5.1?

I've had no issues exporting the audio on my laptop with XP but I can't seem to export anything on my Vista desktop. The wav file exports fine but then no audio program will play the file. it is almost like the file is corrupt when it is exported.
No problems with my setup; but, I run my exported Sibelius .wav file through Sony Sound Forge, and after tweaking it a bit I save it as an mp3 file.  That gives me a decent playback through iTunes or the Windows Media Player.  What program are you using for playback?
I've tried both windows media player and iTunes and neither will play the wav file I am exporting out. I'm not sure what is up. I may need to save the file and open it on my laptop to export it through XP.
It should work.  I'm with you - I don't know what the deal is.  Wish I could offer more help but I'm on vacation [u]without[/u] my setup.  Best of luck gbass598.
Have you tried importing the WAV into a program like Audacity just to see if that program will play it and recognize the format?  I have had it before where it would not play in WMP but it would in Audactiy.  Maybe could be something with some Codecs that you are missing or a needed MS update?

What are your sound properties set to as well in Vista audio settings?  Are you at DVD Quality or CD Quality (16-bit, 44100Hz). I believe you would still be able to play the file, but I have seen much more strange things happen.  :)

Honestly, it worked this time through when I tried. I'm thinking it might be some sort of compatibility issue w/ the ASIO4All sound card I'm using w/ Vista. Sometimes it seems to acts like its not working even though it never causes an issue with my playback. I don't think I can really explain it.
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