Instrument Missing From Playback

I'm posting yet again, with what will likely be another simple fix, but thank you guys so much for your time and help.

I have a bank loaded for my rack parts, and when I'm editing/playing back/anything in the ";view part"; mode, everything works as expected.  However, when I am editing the score, nothing from this staff will playback at all.  I've tried both pushing play and hearing the whole ensemble, and also the shift+spacebar+click, and either way, this staff is silent. 

Do you have a program number assigned to this staff in the ";instrument list"; window? Also, you're certain the staff isn't muted, or other staves set to ";solo"; in the instrument list window, right?
Correct, all of those settings checked out.  I ended up adding another staff and reentering the part, I didn't have much entered in yet anyway.  Sorry for taking your time, but thanks again for the help!
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