Tutorial: Using Apple Logic for Notation + sample download.

I moved this over to eHow.  [url=http://www.ehow.com/how_4877580_drum-map-notation-apple-logic.html]Here's the link[/url]
Thanks Jesse, this looks great!  Can't wait to try it.

Jesse - you are to be hugely commended for taking the time to document this process so clearly. While it may look like a lot of steps (it is), the bulk of the work is up front. Once applied, it's pretty cool how well this works! Big kudos to you. Thanks!!!
Update: I found that you can import the Environment settings into a new project.

You will still have to create Staff Styles as far as I can tell.

Thanks, Jesse.  I can't wait to try this either.  I have been meaning to get the time to learn this and this will make it much faster.
How has this logic been treating everyone?  I'm very close to considering purchasing Logic and would love to hear from people who have been using it and the recommended technique from Jesse.

Notation isn't as good as Sibelius for things like diddle playback, so you have to make 2 tracks for snares- one for print and one for sound.

I would wait until Pro Tools 8 comes out, because it looks like it will have new notation abilities and the ability to export a sibelius file.
Good call.  I just recently read that tidbit about Sib files.
Well I've had a day with Pro Tools 8 and I'm a bit disappointed.  The notation abilities are not what I hoped- quite simple actually- so being able to export a .sib isn't much different than exporting a MIDI file, then adding title and composer text.  Overall the UI is more modern looking.  They also included some loops and samples to compete with what Logic offers.  I didn't dive into the audio features like improved pitch correction and other new plugins.  For a person that does mostly MIDI+Virtual Instruments, I think Logic is the way to go. 

However, Pro Tools 8 comes with an Mbox interface for about $330 w/ edu discount.  That's a great bargain.  Logic Studio -just the software- is $450 w/ edu discount.  Some Universities will be cheaper- UC schools have it for $150.

My latest gadget is the M-Audio Trigger Finger.  I mapped the pads to the 16 most common keys I would normally use for each battery instrument, and saved each as a custom bank. Then I drum on it with rubber xylo mallets.  I drop the tempo down and Logic does a great job of notating what I play- even does tuplets well. 

That's my $.02  Results may vary.
I've also had a few days with Pro Tools 8.  The notation features are OK for a start, but you'll get pretty poor results for battery scores.  I found it most useful for large score navigation so I'm not eyeballing waveforms when making playback files.  The exploded MIDI editor is nice though.

The major improvements in 8 are geared more to audio, so if you do mostly MIDI, you might be better off with Logic.

As Jesse said though, you can get an MBox 2 Mini for around $300, which includes the Ignition Pack (Reason Adapted, Ableton Live Lite, and so on).  The MBox + Digi ASIO driver works pretty well with Finale as well.
I know you want to repost this... 
I [url=http://www.ehow.com/how_4877580_drum-map-notation-apple-logic.html]re-posted it[/url] at eHow.com and improved the tutorial.  Fewer steps + a lot of screen shots.
Now if you have any diddle thoughts...  ;)  OK, I know -- different track.  Bleh.  I'd really like a more eloquent solution...  thoughts?
For now I'm duplicating the track: one for print and one for the audio.  Hopefully diddle ";tremolos"; playback correctly in the next version of Logic.  I remember it taking Finale over a decade to make it work :)
Update: J Mattson's ehow article seems to have vanished.  Can that be reposted or shared in some other way?  I do think that is great information for those of us using Logic in some fashion.  I wanted to go review some things in his setup/workflow, but it is MIA.

Also, did anyone using Logic 9 experience greater success in notation?  The notation side of Logic always seemed to be limited in terms of aesthetics, and it took a lot of time to tweak everything to my liking (EVERYTHING is adjustable!).
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