Funky playback sounds

First of all,  I haven't posted on here before because I have found all of the answers I have needed elsewhere in the forum.  (Thanks to everyone for all of that info).  Anyway,  I have been using VDL 2 for a while and recently upgraded to 2.5  Everything had been running smoothly until recently.  For some strange reason A few sounds are not coming through correctly.  Snare shots like to change to cowbell hits and tenor spock shots like to be buzzes.  Other than that its running great.  I have a mac with os x, sibelius 4 and am imputing with an m-audio key rig 49.  If anyone has any insight to my problem it would be much appreciated.
Can you please state the notation program that you are using and what platform (Mac or Windows) that you are one?  This is much needed information so that we can give you the right things to try and look for. 

Sounds like maybe there may be some hidden controller messages or expressions where they are changing...or maybe you have those instruments sharing another channel with another instrument.  What this will do is when the second instrument changes with a controller message or expression, the first will also change when you are not expecting.  I would check and make sure they are on their own channels and that there are no hidden controller messages or expressions.
[quote author=munkydrummer link=topic=2574.msg13705#msg13705 date=1215374468]
�� I have a mac with os x, sibelius 4
I'm pretty sure everything has it's own channel.�� The device on the mixer is the IAC Driver Bus 1.�� Is there somewhere else i could be getting sounds from?
Are you using the Sibelius 4 template? If so, check the noteheads of the notes that are giving you problems. Without the proper noteheads assigned, you may not get the expected sound. Typically, this is one reason using the keyboard controller for input is so important - because Sibelius will assign that notehead (and staff position) based on what midi pitch was received from the controller. Without the correct staff type for your instrument (or the template) that won't do you much good though.

If you ARE using the Sibelius 4 template, check to make sure you've selected the correct staff type that correlates to the VDL patch you want it to play. If you're still having problems, you may want to peek at the staff type percussion mapping editor for that particular instrument (go to the ";edit staff types"; window to view this). In Sibelius 4, this is a little messy, but it should contain all the info.

If you get to that point, [url=;u=4]Bill[/url] may be able to help you troubleshoot this since he built that template.
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