Lost keymaps it seems---?

Using finale 2008a and everythings been great using VDL2.5 on my iMac 24";

today I started working on a score that I've finished the pit parts too (and the horn line) and was going to begin inputing the battery.  Well, I tried to do the snare and all the notes sound fine off the keyboard --but when you look at the notation, it's all over the place.  Nothing is working now score wise, not in the tenors or basses.  I'm scared to mess with the pit!!!

I've downloaded another copy of the maps off the site and same thing is happening.  I've used Finale 08a for several other things without ever a problem, now this.  I'm currently downloading 2008b so we'll see.  I REALLY don't need this to happen to me now as I have 0 time to work on this as it is.

I've opened other smaller prodjects with the same keymapping and they are responding fine to note re entry in those docs.

ANY suggestions????

Are you on Leopard?

Select the Staff Tool -> Double click on a stave that is giving you problems -> Press Select next to Notation Style Percussion.  What is selected for the map?
yes in Leopard.

when I initally selected the Notation style a hour ago, it said 'general midi...."; (the first choice).�� So I changed this back to VDL2.5 snareline full.�� Still nothing.�� Just updated Finale to 2008b�� No idea why it would've been switched in the first place.

I did a score merger between what my band director gave me as his 'finished cuts' (of what I handed him) and then merged the 08 VDL2.5 Template.�� Worked wonderfully so far, until this.

First off you'll get some better results with 2008b on Leopard (2008a was not designed to run on Leopard).

What you'll want to do is select the correct map for the instrument, click Edit to go into the Percussion Map Designer, then under ";Notes to Use For (staff name)"; click on ";All Named Notes";.  A check should appear then next to the named notes in the map.  Click Done, Select, then OK.  Now your score should be looking/playing correctly.
that did it, you are the man!!!

thanks a million

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