Contest Won using Virtual Drumline


   I'm new to the forum . . . .:^)

I just wanted to thank you to ";Tapspace";  for making such a great product . . .

   I recently entered a contest at "; "; for their up and coming synth called ";Omnisphere";.

One of my enties was called "; The Omni Drumline "; . . and of course I used ";Virtual Drumline";  along with some of the sounds they gave me to work with.

   Each contestant recieved a certain number of loops and sounds to use . . and then create a piece of music.

I was the only one to win 2 of the 11 catagories.

  You can see the video here - [url][/url]

and the full arrangements here - [url][/url]

   Thanks again ";Tapspace"; for such a great product !

All the Best,


Larry Ortega
LJ Productions Inc


Thanks for posting this here for everyone to hear. I urge everyone to check this out. Really great stuff!!! Eric Persing and Spectrasonics make some of the best instruments ever and if there were a physical line for Omnisphere's release, I'd do everything possible to be first in it.

It's an honor that your award for ";Best Original Composition"; made such great use of VDL sounds. We know there will be a lot of eyes on this, and your talent and creativity makes us look good. Hearing stuff like this makes all the sleepless nights programming worth it! :)

Thank you and congratulations!!

Jim Casella
Hi Jim,

  Always been a fan of all the work you did with SCV . . . :^)

Thank you so much for the comments and again for making such a great program !

  I never thought the day would come where I could actually put a great marching drumline in my compositions. . . . outstanding job you did !

Hopefully I'll write some more soon and post the results.

  Thanks again . . and take care,

Wow, amazing. I agree with jim, i'd do just about anything to be a part of that if it becomes a reality!

Congrats!!!  Great stuff.  I'm writing right now as I'm listening to ";Omni Drumline";.  Very cool!!

Again congrats!!!

this one is going on the ipod.....for sure
Both of your compositions are great!

I'm digging it.
Nice job Larry.  I personally like both compositions; especially the ";other-worldly"; 2nd piece - ";Omni Art";.  Congratulations!

You are clearly the man Larry :) I've had a hunger recently for fresh juicy rhythmic goodness and ";Omni Art"; just filled that up and then some! Please tell me you have some CD's I can get my hands on!

-Charlie Nesmith
Very nice work, Larry!!!  I can't wait to hear more.
Thanks everyone so much for the nice reply's . . . :^)

�� ��I've been kinda overloaded lately but still keepin it together . . . :^)

I'm having a new site put up pretty soon and hopefully start finishing up some CD's.

�� ��Thanks again !


Larry Ortega
LJ Productions Inc.
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