Sigh - new clueless user w/glock tranposition question

I've used Sibelius some in the past few years, just upgraded to 5.2, along with purchasing VDL 2.5! Can see the possibilities, but I'm pretty clueless on getting things rolling.

I have a glock part for our show, and am trying to get it to play back correctly, but the transposition thing is messing me up. I can write the part extremely low and have it sound correct, but writing it in the staff is too high for the playback, apparently. I searched here and found some info on setting the transposition, but don't see that option in 5.2 and I don't see that Sib is tranposing the glock part as is - seems to be playing in the octave it is written.

Help! Just want to have it written in a readable octave and sound right!

WinXP, Sibelius 5.2, VDL 2.5.1, 3 GHZ CPU, 2 gig RAM.
Awesome. Stupid question #1 of 1,000 answered - back with more soon! Sigh.
Match the settings that you see in the [b]Range[/b] and [b]Transposition[/b] fields.

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Go to the ";House Styles"; menu and select ";Edit Instrument."; In here, locate the glock instrument you're using and set the transposition so C4 equals C4. This should fix your transposition problems. If you use the VDL/Sibelius template, this is already done for you on all the VDL Glocks, however the 5.2 template is still not yet released.
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