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I have had an issue with my pages in my score being cut off when I switch to ";PAGE VIEW"; after doing all my work in ";SCROLL VIEW."; Is this a problem with Finale or possibly the VDL 2.5 Templet?

Also, what version of VDL will be put into Finale 2009, and will it work with VDL 2.5 if I do the upgrade?

When you say ";cut off";, do you mean there are staves that are off the page?

Yes, VDL should work just fine with 2K9.  Although Finale is going with the Aria player, the program now supports open VST/AU Instruments (including the K2 Player).
Yes, thats half the problem. For example I have a 15 page percussion score and everything is great until about page 12 and then all of the staves resize and the bottom half is off the page. Also, the last couple of pages are not there. They just dissapear, but just in ";page view."; If I go back to ";scroll view"; they are fine.

Thanks for the 2009 info!!

Hi Christian,

This is a common occurrence in Finale if you use a template and add more measures over time.

It is relatively simple to correct.

1. In page view, select the page layout tool.
2. Navigate to page #1
3. Under the page layout header, select ";page margins";, followed by ";edit page margins";
4. Your current page margins will be shown. Select the ";all pages"; radio button and select ";apply";
5. Close the edit page margins dialog box

6. Under the page layout header, select ";systems";, followed by ";edit margins";
7. You will see the margins for staff system #1 which you can handle in 2 ways....
8. If you want the all your staff systems to look the same from page 1 to the end, under the ";change"; section of the dialog box select system 1 then press the ";all"; button then press ";apply";
9. If you want pages 2 until the end of your score to be different to the title page, navigate to page 2 and select the small box at the intersection of the left and top margin (assuming Page 2 has a layout you want to keep).
10. The system values for the staff margins will change to those of system 2. Under the ";change"; section of the dialog box select system 2 thru ";x"; where ";x"; is the last system # on your last page, then press ";apply";
11. Close the edit margins dialog box

This should get you going...


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