Playback Problems with Vista

Hi folks, just got a new comp. running Vista (yeah, I know....) and my VDL sounds are a bit overlapping (I guess that would be the way to describe it).  They are not precise, kinda skipping, not all the notes are being played back clearly.  Here are my specs...

Sibelius 5.1
VDL 2.5.1
Windows Vista
6 gig RAM
650 gig HD

Hope that's everything...any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!
Ok....I moved my Sample Rate to 96000 which moved my Latency to 42.67 and so far it sounds a whole lot cleaner.  Hoping it stays that way!

Thanks for the help folks!
You may also want to set your Audio settings for your Soundcard in the Control Panel.  If I am not mistaken, Vista likes to use DVD Quality which is 44800HZ.  This may need tobe set to 44100HZ  16-bit.  I am not too familiar with the needs for Sibelius, but Finale will need to be using 16-bit least with 2008 and lower.
Can you let us know what sort of sound card you're using and whether or not you're using an ASIO driver? Running VDL (KP2) within Sibelius may require you to tweak the audio buffer settings in Sibelius's  audio options. Try 1024 or 2048. If you do some searching here for ";latency"; or ";buffer"; setting, I'm sure you'll get tons of posts as this is a fairly common adjustment people need to address.

Also, have you tried fiddling with the DFD settings in Kontakt Player 2? That can certainly have an effect on skipping sounds.

It would also be helpful to know the spindle speed of your hard drive. Most laptops ship with hard disks that spin slower than 7200RPM which can start to become a problem with denser parts of your score.
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