Hi Hat Playback

This is weird.  I have input closed and open hi hat notes and used correct articulations.  When I select just that instrument from the score to playback, all sounds are correct.  When the full score plays back the open hi-hat sound does not playback.  What is going on?  I used a similar instance earlier in the score and everything plays back fine there. 
Are you using a notation program? If so, which one. Also, which HiHat instrument are you using?
Jim and all

I have the sib file he is having this and other problems in. There is some fairly universal ";bugginess"; going on that we need to help people be aware of. They are mostly things that have to do with Sibelius 5 and how new SoundWorld still is to everyone (and the changes that were made to the playback engine).

Between this file and a couple others I have, we should be able to put some good tutorials together that should help users not have some of these issues in the first place.

More later
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