Problems adding VDL instruments to scores in Sibelius 5

I am having a problem with a score sent to me by a band director. We are both using Sibelius 5.1. Basically, I open the score he has sent me with no problems, and then I import house style so VDL instruments will show up in the instrument list. The notes input with no problem, but certain noteheads show up wrong, notably rimshots...instead of the usual x shape, I get a triangle. If I try to go to house style>edit instruments and select any VDL instrument, when I click ";edit instrument";, the program freezes. I have done some experimenting, and this seems to happen with any score that is not created from the VDL template. I apologize if this problem has already been discussed...I searched the faq and forum and didn't seem to find anything. I'm running Sibelius 5.1 and VDL 2.5 with template 1.0.5. Thanks in advance.
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Hey flamdrag,

I might have a workaround for ya but I'm just learning Sibelius so I'm sure to be a bit off here...

I've noticed that when entering notes into a staff, if I first click a note into place (to move focus) and then use my keyboard to choose the mapped sound, the original note head stays.  This works fine for me until I need a special note head.  My workaround is to delete the original note and then just enter it directly from the keyboard, and the correct note head magically shows!

I know this doesn't address your crash issue, but maybe you could delete your problem notes and re-enter them.  Or at least until you find a better solution.

Good Luck!
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