Bass 5 Voice Problem

Gang, I've encountered a new issue.  I recently expanded my RAM from 2GB to 4GB.  For no logical reason, it caused lots of issues.  I had to upgrade Native Instruments, unload and reload Sibelius 5.1 numerous times.  That's just background and very little of it.  I'm using Windows XP, VDL 2.5.1 and input notes with an M-Audio Keystation 88es.  When I enter notes for Bass 5, (using BassLine Manual), I get two different pitches between right and left hand entries.  It's the only voice that does it and it has never happened before my RAM upgrade.

I'm using the VDL 5.1 template and I'm not sure how to correct the issue other than changing the pitch through instrument editing but it looks complex.

Any thoughts out there with how I need to resolve this one issue?

Steve Filippelli
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