Article for Percussive Notes

Good evening,

As interim chair of the PAS marching percussion committee
I would you to consider submitting an article(s)
on the topic of marching percussion for possible inclusion in
[u]Percussive Notes[/u].  Your article(s) need not be publication-ready.  Our
superb editor, Jeff Moore will help you with any edits he might
deem appropriate.  Please keep in mind, though, that articles should be well-written
and bereft of excessive grammatical and spelling errors.  You can write about
technique, arranging, history, warm-ups, ensembles, solos, interviews, whatever
you like so long as your article's focus is marching percussion.

Here is a list of deadlines for submitting articles:
August-Article due May 1st
October-PREVIEW ISSUE reserved for PASIC artists
December-Article due September 1st
February-Article due November 1st
April-Article due January 1st
June-Article due March 1st

So many of you who post on this forum are undeniably bright and
knowledgeable ";folks,"; and you write well also.  I would think that
you would be able to offer material that would help us develop a
large and diverse collection of articles from which to choose for the readership of
[u]Percussive Notes[/u].

If you are interested, please send your article to
Jeff Moore at:


In the subject line put:

PAS marching percussion article submission

I hope some of you will consider submitting an article
for consideration.  I learn so much just by reading the forums.
You are all a great resource for marching percussion education.

Take care!

p.s.  If you find any errors in my post, please heed the following advice:
";Write as a I say--not as I do.";
for realz?

any compensation? does the author give over the rights to the article?
This is for a written magazine article. I can't speak for the editors, but I have a hunch that using no capitalization and the term ";for realz"; automatically disqualifies you...

i wasn't planning on writing one, but i am interested in how this is working, from a business standpoint.

It is not a business, though it might rely on business models
for its functioning.  PAS is a not-for profit 501 3 C
organization that promotes percussion education
and performance.  Those who contribute articles do
so to enrich the knowledge base in their particular
area of interest/expertise, and to offer the general
readership the opportunity to learn more about
percussion in general.  A nominal fee is provided to
those who write articles.  And the author does
cede his rights to the article when it is accepted
and then published.  I hope that answers your
Yes, that was very informative. Thank you kind sir.
Do you have a recommended length for a submission? Is there an upper barrier on word count?
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