loading samples in finale

Hi everyone. I am having problems loading samples into channels 17-32 in the Finale VST window. Channels 1-16 are taken by brass and woodwind samples. I am trying to write the drumline parts with the band arrangement using VDL. Thanks!

Sorry guys, I forgot to list the vitals! I am using VDL 2.5 as a plug-in with Finale 2008. My operating system is Windows. Thanks!

It might help to clarify what ";problems"; means...The more specific you can be, the better directions you can be pointed in.

If you have your VDL instruments on channels past 16, the Finale channel to K2P channel will look like this for bank B-

Finale Channel 17 = Kontakt Player 2 Bank B Channel 1
Finale Channel 18 = Kontakt Player 2 Bank B Channel 2
Finale Channel 19 = Kontakt Player 2 Bank B Channel 3

...and so on.

Also, you can edit your posts by clicking ";Modify"; instead of making a new post.
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