Thanks, smart people

Hello, all.  I have been switching some programs over to my new school's computer.  Trying to remember how to reinstall everything has been fun, especially with a bazillion updates.  This forum is so helpful.  I even ran across some of my old posts from years back.  My how much I have learned from all of you.  I always have friends who tell me that they lurk around and learn.  Even though people may not post, they are certainly learning from the community.

So to all of the smart people here, and to Jim, the uber-smart software daddy

[size=25pt][b][color=Blue]THANK YOU[/color]
for helping drummers figure this stuff out.  I wonder how many wind players can do this stuff...  And yet we have all of the jokes!
[quote author=m2mathew link=topic=2608.msg13857#msg13857 date=1216494659]
and to Jim, the uber-smart software daddy

Hehehehe. I want to see that in Jim's next artist bio....

Thanks for the props Mike! As you can imagine when helping support the software, I tend to hear a lot about the problems people are trying to resolve rather than the success stories. So the kind words are always encouraging to hear - especially during the crazy times of the year (like now).

Thanks again!
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