Sib. 5 - Instrument change keeps old note mapping

After a temporary switch to impact drums and back, my mallet instruments are now stuck in the impact drum mapping.  The instrument change boxes are in the right place, the notes are being played back with the right instruments/pitches, but what I see on the screen in Sibelius is the mallet parts mapped to the impact drum mapping.

I was very careful to make sure I didn't have an IC box hidden somewhere mucking things up, and even tried a factory reset on my Oxygen2 hoping it was a transposition issue.

Is there a way to reset what used to be the staff type if your instrument is mapping improperly?  Or rather what should I do here?  This just popped up tonight out of nowhere and is keeping me from finishing a tune (bummer), so hopefully someone has ran into this.
Hmm, I'm not sure. Few things to maybe check:

1) If you have multiple mallet staves sharing a common instrument, switching to impact drums, then switching back, check to be sure ALL staves are switching back at the same time.

2) If it's checked, try deselectig the ";share same slot for common instruments"; option (preferences>playback).

3) Activate a different playback configuration so all your instruments unload. Then re-activate your playback configuration. If there's something wonky going on, that may kick things back into gear.

4) Be sure all tracks (in the mixer) are set to (auto). If you manually override the (auto) setting it can cause flakiness in how instruments switch in and out of each other.

Let us know if you're able to get on with some better success.
Unfortunately I ended up brute-forcing it and copying the impact parts to a new score, removing the impact drum change/parts completely, creating new impact drum changes (which also created the change back to the mallet instruments), and pasting the impact parts back in.  None of the other things listed worked, although that was some good info on how things work and a few options I didn't know about.

I haven't been able to reproduce the problem since, so who knows what went wrong. =)
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