Ugh! Sibelius Sound Essentials

Okay, I'm stuck.  Is there ANY way to get sibelius sound essentials to work [i]outside[/i] of sibelius 5?  I have VDL 2.5, therefore already had the Kontakt Player 2 standalone, and used to use sibelius 4, so i had to use the standalone, and have gotten quite used to it.  I have tried routing outputs through MIDI yoke from the vst plugin in sibelius 5, but this isn't an option like it is in the standalone.  To clarify what i am trying to do, i write and mix a lot of music using Reason, and occasionally using pro tools so i can use both the reason rewire and the VDL 2.5 (kontakt player 2) plugin to expand my sound options, and get some more realistic drum sounds.  Basically, I would love it if i could some how use the sibelius sound essentials to work in pro tools, but whenever i try to load a sound from the SSE library it tells me that i need a licence.  i tried using the service center, but i don't know what serial number it wants.  i seriously feel like i've tried everything.  Anything?  Anyone? 
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I believe Sibelius Sounds Essentials is only useable within Sibelius when using KP2 as a plugin.
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