Sibelius/VDL Template 5.2 Released!

Here it is finally, again.

The [b]Sibelius/VDL Template 5.2[/b] package can be downloaded here:


Not all of the tutorial videos are done yet (will be in a week or so), but the ones you may need to get up and running can be found here:


And a big thanks to Mr. Casella - who knows how long this would have taken without his help.

[quote author=johnfbest link=topic=2620.msg13959#msg13959 date=1217385315]
Thanks guys for all the hard work! I am really impressed at how streamlined you have been able to make the writing process. You have saved me countless hours of time, and made the whole process more fun and enjoyable for me!

And, it's always nice to have an audio file with great sounds to get the client excited about the arrangement!

Thanks again,
John Best

Not that we need to bombard him with a ton of email, but I believe Daniel Spreadbury at Sibelius Software is the main instigator for all the SoundWorld stuff. I am just a goofy ";drumer"; trying to find my way...
[quote author=chznvrt link=topic=2620.msg13956#msg13956 date=1217366974]
Josh - Changes were made to the Template, but only ";under the hood";. All but one of the noteheads are the same, so yes, same notehead scheme, thankfully. (The one that is different actually matches the Readme now.)[/quote]

Thanks Hugh, that's what I figured. I should have a release for the new Auto Sticking plugin out in the next couple days. I've got a little bit more testing to do, but it's looking pretty solid. You guys should (hopefully) like the new features.

So its been a while since i have been on here. Computer has been on the fritz. Its these darn gas prices, its messing with everything lol. Glad to see all is well, and that 5.2 is up and running now. HUGE THANKS to Gabe, Hugh, Jim, and all the guys at Tapspace and at Sibelius for making all this possible. Its come a long way since VDL started, and even a long way just from VDL2 up until now.

Josh, awesome to hear about the AutoSticking Plugin. I was actually gonna send you a PM asking about it, but your last post just answered my question.
I have an exported House Style from the VDL 5.1 template that I import into other scores to make the proper VDL instruments and sounds available. Do I need to export a new House Style using the 5.2 template, or will the 5.1 export function the same for these purposes?
Hi Joe,

Ultimately, you'll want to create a new house style using 5.2. You may be able to re-build your template with minimal headache, though it may require some trial fiddling on your part as we haven't really tested any sort of house style importing/exporting with the new template.

[i]The main thing is that all the VDL instrument definitions in the 5.1 template [b]must not[/b] enter your world of [/i]5.2 or things could go bad in a hurry. If you can import your 5.1 house style into a test of the 5.2 template [i]without[/i] instruments, this may be a good way to bypass some of the drudgery of formatting the layout all over again. But I'm not certain which house style elements you must have checked, and which ones you're allowed to switch off.

If you decide to give this a try, I'd recommend doing it on test copies of your files just in case you encounter any quirks. If you find anything that could be of interest to other users, we'd sure appreciate your findings so we can hopefully streamline this transition as much as possible.

Regarding converting 5.1 scores to 5.2, John and Tony have offered another big timesaver opposed to the tedious walkthrough I provided in the videos. If you haven't read about that, there's a post here:
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