ride cymbal and snare playback

Good morning,

Did a search on the forum search engine.  Did not
find an answer given my queries.  How do you get
a ride cymbal and left-hand snare hit to both play back?
Using different voices in Sibelius does not work.  I
tried using my 61-key midiman at work pressing both
keys at the same time and that did not work either.

Sibelius 5.1
VDL 2.5.1
IMAC, 3.06 ghz, 4 g RAM

I don't think it's a RAM or CPU issue.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Take care!


I don't know if this will be of any help but I'll try.  I have noticed that occassionally I have to close my Sibelius, make sure my MIDI cable is plugged into my laptop, and then reopen my Sibelius.  Other than that, perhaps someone else can offer a correct solution.
Hey Neal,

Is the problem that you're not getting any input from your MIDI keyboard? By your description, it sounds like Sibelius may not be receiving input from your keyboard controller. You can check this in the ";Input Devices"; section of your Sibelius preferences. If you're not getting the test signal to appear when you tap on midi keys, you might try clicking the ";Find New Input Devices"; button. If your keyboard has somehow dropped its connection, that may spur rediscovery.

If you're getting notes to appear, all you'll need to do is check that the LH snare hit and the RH ride cymbal are placed on the correct spot on the staff, and are assigned to the correct notehead as outlined in the drum map (you can view this in the Readme that comes with the template).

This is, of course, assuming you're trying to trigger the ride sound from within the one actual snareline patch (i.e. two patches can't be triggered at the same time from one staff). There's no need to write in two separate voices unless that's how you prefer your notation to look.
Good morning Jim,

I slid the data entry controller/cc data upward and it took care of the
missing snare sound during simultaneous snare and cymbal
playing.  Hopefully, that singularly was the problem.  As
always, I am grateful for your willingness to help us
technologically-challenged folks out.

Take care,
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