My Tapspace hat makes me laugh...

In my office every Friday is a 'business casual' day, meaning that we can wear non-business type wear such as jeans, polos, tennis shoes, even a hat.  Occasionally, I like to wear my Tapspace hat that I got with my 2.5 update and it always produces the strangest responses in my coworkers. 

For background, I work as a project manager and software engineer for a very large gov. contractor,  so these people know virtually nothing of music or percussion, let alone how much Virtual Drumline has changed my life as a percussion arranger and instructor. 

I typically get the confused ";what's that on your hat?"; questions and the ";what in the world is tapspace?";.  Sometimes I get a ";looks like someone shot your hat with a paintball...";  I just happily tell them to just check out the website (thankfully it's not blocked from our company internet filter - its non-business related ya know.. :- )

Occasionally, someone will ask while I'm at my desk (ah-ha! a captive audience!) and I dial-up the site and start showing books and playing music clips.  Sometimes I get a bite of interest and I delve into how the sounds work and the quality of music anyone can make with the tool, but then sometimes people just glaze over and make for the door.

Either way, they've now learned a little something they never knew existed and I've spread the word just a little further.  And that puts a smile on my face and gives me laugh...

Thanks Tapspace!
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Whenever I wear my hat I get ";How did you get a myspace hat?";  humm....
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