Latin Combo/Conga Issue

I'm adding a standard tumbao pattern into a chart and am getting some really strange playback vs. notation results.

The part is 8th notes and is notated as such:

H-T-Slap-T-H-T-Open-Open (H and T being Heel/Toe)

It's simple two bar phrases where the second bar changes the open strokes to the low conga. The notes have been entered correctly on the keyboard, the mapping has been checked on the ReadMe but the sound result is that the Heel/Toe only work on the first two notes, after the first slap, all of the H/T notes sound like open tones.

Any guesses?
Hmm - I wasn't able to reproduce this (5.2 Sibelius file attached).

I wonder if there may be some dictionary text that's garbling things up. Any text appear at any point?

Assuming noteheads are correct, I wonder if your Latin Combo map has somehow fallen victim to the issue where Sibelius adds notes to it. To check this, you can check the drum map (staff type) in the ";Edit Instruments"; section for Latin Combo. If you see any notes that are mapped to F#1, delete them, then see if you experience better results.

Let me know if the attached file plays correctly for you. If not, I'm not quite sure what may be going on. I'm sure there's an answer...

[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=2630.msg14011#msg14011 date=1217662014]
I wonder if there may be some dictionary text that's garbling things up. Any text appear at any point?

That was it! Wow, what a simple thing for me to have gotten caught up on. I had some text briefly explaining what the notation was doing and that must have told SIB/VDL that I wanted all open strokes. The text was something to the effect of ";heel/toe"; and ";slap and open strokes.";

Sure enough, removal of these fixed the problem. I'll just write a separate key for the BD/kids so they see what's going on.

Thanks, Jim! Good luck next week!

I'm not sure if this will work or not, but if you want to leave that text in the score, you may be able to select it, then UN-check the ";play on pass 1"; check box in the Playback Palette. The goal would be to make that text so that it's not played. If that doesn't work, you could simply open the dictionary and locate the word or phrase that may be causing the problem, then delete it. ";Slap"; and ";Pop"; is in there primarily for bass guitar, but can have adverse effects on certain VDL instruments.
The main key for avoiding staff text issues is to know what is in the Dictionary. If it is [u]not[/u] in the Dictionary, you should be able to use whatever you want without any problems.
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